The next “Soup and Sandwiches” will be on Saturday, 15th February  (11.30 – 1.30pm), with the Bring and Buy Stall as usual.

January saw a steady “Soup and Sandwiches.

October’s “Soup and Sandwiches” was unremarkable  whilst in December, an icy day we were hearing that people had family commitments . With festive looking tables and lots of extra cake it was a shame. Initially it looked like that, but people came in later so in fact it did pretty well.

September’s “Soup and Sandwiches”  was one of the busiest yet, and the first with children from Friday Church attending. People arrived even after the “rush” making it a very successful morning. All the food went well, especially the pancakes and the cake!

In March it could not have been a wetter or a windier day, but fortunately our fears that people would not want to come out were unfounded. Starting promptly, there was a steady flow of customers, several of whom arrived with extra cakes – all very good! Most people were in no hurry to face the elements and leave, and there was a lot of help clearing up which was really appreciated. In all, it was a very good morning, and our most profitable yet!

February saw another busy “Soup and Sandwiches”. As Usual, the bacon sandwiches proved popular  whilst the Bring and Buy Stall ,with a lot of new stock did particularly well

As the first of the New Year, January’s “Soup and Sandwiches” was quite busy and it was good to see many ‘regulars’, including people from church and some ‘visitors’ as well. Judging by the small amount of food that was left, particularly cake, we hope that everyone enjoyed themselves. As always, thanks to all our helpers.

Pre-Christmas “busyness”, illness and the threat of icy weather meant that not so many people came for lunch in December. Those who did enjoyed mushroom or butternut squash soup, bacon, turkey with stuffing or cheese sandwiches and quite a choice of cake. The Bring and Buy Stall did well too before the intrepid customers shuffled and edged their way home.

After a number of Coffee Mornings over the summer,  “Soup and Sandwiches” resumed in SeptemberIt was good to see many familiar faces. Demand for the sandwiches, and soup, pancakes and cake was steady and it was certainly a good morning. October’s “Soup and Sandwiches” was held a week early to avoid the half term holiday. A similar number of people came despite the wind, for another good  and successful morning

April’s ‘Soup and Sandwiches” may have got off to a slow start, but then it got quite busy and the Bring and Buy Stall did well too.

In February bacon sandwiches were very popular, whilst in March a surprising number of people braved the biting wind and icy pavements.

January’s “Soup and Sandwiches” went well, probably with more people that ever. (Maybe it was the cold weather!) It was  good and hopefully everyone enjoyed it , especially with the wide choice of cake.