in our weekly online 10.30 Sunday service (on 28th June) there’ll be opportunities for our younger friends to read from the Bible, write and/or say prayers. If you’d like to jump straight in and do some activities, follow the instructions below from Hannah Hickman, who is working with Rev Anthony Bennett to provide our online ActiveZone resources and activities.

If you’d like to join in with reading and/or prayers please email Anthony before Monday 22nd June at or text him on 07917165178.

Message from Hannah @ActiveZone

Hi all, Thanks for all your paintings and crafts on the theme of Pentecost and wind – we loved seeing them and including them in our service. We would now love for you to get involved in another service – this time on the theme of “Welcome”.

As you might have seen, Cobbles and Clay at the top of Main Street has a chalk board in their café that has the word welcome written in lots of different languages for all the visitors from various countries that Haworth gets! There is also one in the entrance to St James’ church in Cross Roads with the word Hello written in various languages:

I wonder if you would like to write the word Welcome in another language, either copying from the examples attached or in a language that is not written there already? Then you could add pictures/drawings of things that you think mean “welcome” – I have had a go myself…

…but am sure you can do better than me and include lots of colourful pictures.

If you have a go at making your own welcome poster, you can email photos of them to to be included in the service.

Thanks everyone 🙂