Walk to Whitby – 1995 to 1997

After several of us had completed the Leeds/Liverpool canal walk, Peter Fathers suggested we “Walk to Whitby”. It seemed to me we could do this in three stages; first, walk from church to Ilkley, 12 miles, then pick up the Ebor Way, and walk its entirety to Helmsley, 70 miles, then pick up the Cleveland Way, and walk 78 more miles to Whitby.

At 9 am on Saturday 18th November, 1995 we began. Ten of us, and Jack’s dog, made the first section of the journey in five and a quarter hours. 1996 between 13th January and 7th September, distance covered was 12 miles, 70 miles, and 4.7 extra miles, total = 86.7 miles to date.

A tougher prospect, Cross Roads to Whitby; we began on Saturday 5th April with 8 walkers, we inspected the White Horse, and, having had spectacular views, reached Sutton Bank.

From 26th April to the 13th September, we cover the rest of the way to Whitby, through fog, dampness, thunder and lightning, ‘but the weather was often hot and sunny, and, at the end, several of us paddled in the North Sea. At the end of some days we enjoyed enormous meals with Brenda Wood.

This had been a great walk. The distance completed at least 164.7 miles. Those who did all or some of it were me, Joan, Barry, Peter, Jack and Barbara, Jean Reynard, Brenda Bromley, Kathleen Stevens, Margaret Barrett and Ron and Sylvia Humphrey.