Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Celebrations for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002 centred round a street party and a World Cup football match.

That Sunday, the morning service clashed with a vital game so it was suggested that it would be good to have a television in church, switching it on immediately the service finished. Just as people were getting excited the idea had to be abandoned, as the church did not have a TV licence. However a radio, which was switched on at 10.45am gave the football enthusiasts the chance to follow the match (whilst setting up for the afternoon). The match ended in a draw!

The Street Party was more successful. There were tables of food (organized by Lorraine and Alan Clarke from the Youth Hostel), displays in church, a Jubilee Quiz and a balloon race organized by the Scout Group. Anyone was welcome as long as they wore red, white and blue, and they did.