Boundary Walk

The start of the 2019 Boundary Walk was probably one of the wettest ever, but sandwiches had been made and dogs need walking, so a small group set off in the rain. We went in the direction of Cullingworth, slightly changing the route to avoid the nettles which were quite a problem last year. Into the afternoon, the weather improved and not even wet feet could spoil a good day.

The 2018 Boundary Walk was several weeks after Rogation Sunday, on what proved to be a lovely sunny day. Perhaps it risked being too warm although the breeze helped. Six people, (the youngest aged eight) and a dog completed and enjoyed the walk, seeing everything again at its very best.  We went towards Oakworth first this year, then to Hainworth and Cullingworth. We braved waist high nettles at one point – these had grown considerably since the recce. This time a third stop for liquid refreshment was made, in addition to the two usual stops

The 2017 Boundary Walk took place the week before Rogation Sunday. Only three people set off although there had been a lot of interest. We took the route going towards Haworth and Cullingworth and explored a different footpath opposite the Flappitt. This may not have been true to the exact boundary but it kept us off the busy road and was a very pretty route, if a little longer.

Lunch was eaten in the sun in the usual spot and we encountered many horses, lambs, donkeys and geese, not to mention the local scenery which looked at its best. At Damens Station we watched the trains from the platform as part of the afternoon stop. Then, as there is no path by the river (the exact boundary) we walked across the fields in Oakworth with views of the village across the valley, on our way back to the start.

(The route round the parish boundary is about 8 or 9 miles but there are a number of dropping out points and as the route crosses the Halifax Road at Ingrow, it would even be possible to catch a bus back to Cross Roads if needed. The walk is not “led” and we meet as a group of friends going for a walk together.)