It is a real pleasure to welcome you to this short history of St. James’. In 2010 the church celebrated its 100 anniversary which was a great milestone in its history. In church terms however that is a very short time; with many believing the church to have just come of age! Perhaps it’s more like getting the key to the door!

Put it another way, St. James’ has been around for 5% of the world wide church’s history. However, in that time it has played a central role in the village. Sometimes that role has been large and loud while at others it has been a quieter time. But the church has been there for the whole parish and still plays that role. Many of the village have been baptised, got married or sadly had their funeral there.

Over more than 100 years St. James. has grown with the village and now occupies a central spot within it. As times have changed it has changed. Yes, the traditional Sunday services are held; but now there are services designed for young children and their parents which take place on other days. St. James’ is a living community seeking to meet the needs of those around it. It is still the parish church and exists for everyone within Cross Roads.

Please use this website to read about St. James’ history; it is also the history of our village. Maybe you might recognise your role in it. Do come along, we would be delighted to see you. Or give us a shout and we will happily come to you.

Best wishes
Peter Mayo-Smith
Priest in charge.